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Friday 12th of July
From Dwight Mayfield and Aaron Danker
Your Online Marketing Teachers

ClickBank is by far one of the most popular networks out there to sell your digital products online and has been since 1998... and that's no mistake.

There are currently over 3,300+ active websites listed in the marketplace with products to sell. And those only represent front page listings and not all the offers in a sales funnel like upsells, recurring billing and phyiscal products...

The fact is every one of those sellers are tapping into the endless pool of shoppers that the marketplace offers.

On top of that there are tens of thousands of affiliates activitely promoting these products and turning a profit...

Not only are they making money for themselves... but generating revenue for the seller.

It doesn't stop there... because every customer that buys a product is added to a mailing list. So the next product the vendor launches to their list, will almost guarantee more sales.

It's the ideal position to be in... selling a product that people want... putting it in front of people that love to buy... getting free traffic and buyers from the marketplace... affiliates promoting for you whilst you profit from their efforts... plus new customers added to your list effortlessly.

But here's the caveat... you HAVE to set everything up right BEFORE you ever see the benefits of this. You have to get your product approved by ClickBank before it's added to the marketplace and you have to set up every part of your sales funnel to make the entire system work... everything from connective links, to autoresponder integration, to payment button setup, to using the right verbiage on your thank you page... plus a whole host of other things...

Have You Ever Wanted to Launch Your Own Product Sales Funnel on ClickBank But Were Overwhelmed by the Technical Stuff?...

Maybe the thought of launching your product on the ClickBank marketplace has crossed your mind?... Maybe you have your own product and have sold it successfully with your own email list?...

Or perhaps you haven't got anything started... but want to take steps in the right direction?...

Whatever the case, there are a whole host of technical hurdles you'll have to overcome which could stop you from reaching your potential.

But worry not because we've put together a specialist course to guide you through every step of the way.

By the time you're done with it you'll be able to sell your digital products on ClickBank, sell physical products, add recurring offers to your funnel, integrate tools such as autoresponders, webinars, and more into your account, optimize the checkout process, create product variations for split-testing plus so much more!


Lesson 1 - Overview

In this module we'll give you a brief overview of what ClickBank is, why you should use it in your business, and what this course is all about.

Lesson 2 - Create a Clickbank Account

In this lesson we'll show you how to sign up for an account step-by-step, from filling in forms, to confirming your details via email.

Lesson 3 - Clickbank Account Settings

Next we'll give you a tour of the basic account settings. You'll need this to know where everything is located and to ensure you get paid correctly.

Lesson 4 - Clickbank Affiliate Settings

In this lesson we'll show you how ClickBank's affiliate system works and places to find hot products that are being launched right now and in the near future that you can promote.

Lesson 5 - Affiliate Link Set Up Part 1

Here we'll show you how to create your ClickBank affiliate link and use a powerful plugin to cloak your links on the fly.

Lesson 6 - Affiliate Link Set Up Part 2

In this lesson we'll show you how to setup redirect links to direct lost traffic and broken links to another domain or sub-domain and even to a affiliate link.

Lesson 7 - Affiliate Link Set Up Part 3

Next we'll show you how use ClickBank's hoplink tracker to track your links. You'll find out how many visitors clicked your link, how much you earn be click and more to help you make better marketing decisions.

Lesson 8 - Affiliate and Vendor Payments

In this lesson we'll talk you through ClickBank's payment schedule. You can get paid on a weekly or bi-weelky basis, however you get paid for sales that meet a certain criteria which you'll find out here.

Lesson 9 - Direct Integrations

By connecting other third party software directly to your ClickBank account you'll be able to automate tasks, reduce the number of steps your customers must take and increase your overall profit.

Lesson 10 - Zapier Connection

Zapier allows you to automate almost any manual task based on triggers or actions that your subscribers or customers take. There are over 3000+ apps that you can automate this. Watch this video to learn more.

Lesson 11 - Connect to Autoresponders Through Zapier

In this video you'll learn how to connect your autoresponder to Zapier and setup your own automation rules that would otherwise not be possible to do.

Lesson 12 - Connect to Membership Platforms

In this video you'll learn how to connect your various membership software to your ClickBank account. This is great if you need to protect your content and provide a unique logging and username for your customers.

Lesson 13 - Creating Your Pitch or Sales Page

In this lesson we'll show you how to create a basic sales page or 'pitch' page using a WordPress plugin that meet's ClickBank's criteria.

Lesson 14 - The Clickbank Trust Badge Addition

ClickBank follow a strict approval process to ensure only high quality products are added to their marketplace. In this video you'll learn how to manually add a 'trust badge' to your sales page to get approved.

Lesson 15 - Creating Your Thank You Page

Again your site must follow strict guidelines to get approved including the page you send your customers to. In this lesson we'll find out what you need to include, what layout to use and more for best results.

Lesson 16 - Creating Your Payment Link

ClickBank does not provide you with pre-made buttons and codes but rather uses a specific link structure that you are expected to know. Watch this video to see how to create payment buttons for any product type on any account.

Lesson 17 - Creating a My Product Page

The product details you add to your account are displayed on the checkout page. Watch this video to learn how to customize it to give the customer the best checkout experience.

Lesson 18 - Creating A Test Purchase

In this lesson we'll create a 'test' credit card, enter the details into our own checkout page and then process the order as though we're the customer. Watch this video to see how it's done.

Lesson 19 - Approval and Activation Charge

New ClickBank accounts with first product listings require a one-time small activation fee. Watch this video to see how it's done so you can get your product published live on the marketplace and make sales.

Lesson 20 - Summary

We've now covered all the basic steps need to create an affiliate and vendor account through ClickBank. We'll recap everything you've just learned and prepare you for the next steps.

Lesson 21 - Overview of Advance ClickBank Setup

In the next section of lessons we'll introduce you to some of the more advance features of ClickBank and how integrating with various apps will help you reduce workload and boost your overall profits.

Lesson 22 - Connection to MailChimp

In this lesson we'll show you specifically how to integrate MailChimp with your ClickBank account to auto-register customers to your list. The techniques learned here can be applied to any autoresponder software including Aweber and GetResponse.

Lesson 23 - Connection to Zoom

In this lesson we'll show you how to integrate Zoom with your ClickBank account. This is great for scheduling individual and group calls with clients that make payments on certain dates and times.

Lesson 24 - Connection to GoToWebinar

Next we'll show you how to integrate GoToWebinar with ClickBank. Your webinar can be a paid product, or it can be an event that occurs a few days after a purchase to sell your high-ticket product.

Lesson 25 - Adding An Upsell

In this lesson we'll show you how to build a sales funnel within your ClickBank account. We'll first start off with an upsell which it presented to your customer after they've purchased the front-end offer.

Lesson 26 - Adding an Upsell-Downsell

Next we'll show you how to add a downsell to your sales funnel. This occurs when your customer views your upsell but declines your offer.

Lesson 27 - Add Decline Link in Upsell and Downsells

In this lesson we'll show you the exact link structure and HTML code to use on your sales pages for all upsells and downsells. This can get confusing at times, so pay close attention as we reveal all to you.

Lesson 28 - Affiliate Management Part 1

One of the best things about ClickBank is it's affiliate management system. Everything is automated, from link tracking, to sales tracking, to payout. Watch this lesson as we give you an overview.

Lesson 29 - Affiliate Management Part 2

Next we'll find-tune our affiliate program to encourage as many affiliates to promote our product and sales funnel as possible. The more affiliates promote you and make sales, the more profit you'll make - without any extra effort.

Lesson 30 - Physical Products Part 1

If your product is successful, you may want to consider selling it in various formats. One of which is on CD/DVD. Again the entire process can be automated so there's no shipping and handling involved.

Lesson 31 - Physical Products Part 2

Next we'll show you how to add your physical product to your digital product line ready for approval. You'll know what checks to make, what how to list your product, and more to get approved quickly.

Lesson 32 - Recurring Billing Products Part 1

Recurring billing products are great for membership type products where you provide content to your customers on a regular basis. Watch this lesson as we create a recurring product step-by-step.

Lesson 33 - Recurring Billing Products Part 2

Continuing on from the previous lesson we'll finish creating our recurring billing product. Watch carefully as we put the final touches in place before getting it approved.

Lesson 34 - Clickbank Product Variations Part 1

Some customers may want to buy your product but can't afford to pay the full price. If this is the case then you should consider adding a split payment option to your sales page. Watch this video to see how it's done.

Lesson 35 - Clickbank Product Varations Part 2

Continuing on from our last lesson we'll put the final touches on our custom product. We'll adjust the pricing, rebill frequency, duration and more for a customize product.

Lesson 36 - Live Example Sales Page and Thank You Page

Next we'll demonstrate a live sales page and thank you page example. You'll see how we use OptimizePress to create pages quickly and gel everything together so you can replicate what works.

Lesson 37 - Live Example Creating a Product

Next we'll show you how to take a screenshot of your product with SnagIt for use on your checkout page. You'll learn how to crop, resize and change the file format so it's accepted by ClickBank.

Lesson 38 - Live Example Creating and Testing Our Payment Link

Now it's time to test our payment link. Once you have your front-end offer ready you can embed your payment link HTML code onto your page. We'll show you how to setup a test payment to ensure everything works.

Lesson 39 - Live Example Creating an Upsell and Downsell

Once your front-end offer is working you will want to add upsells and downsells to your sales funnel. In this lesson we'll show you what your pitch page URL should be plus the format for your 'Accept' and 'Decline' links.

Lesson 40 - Live Example Creating The Decline Link

In this lesson we'll go into more detail on how to create a decline link. We'll use ClickBank's sales funnel builder to connect our downsell to our upsell.

Lesson 41 - Conclusion

We've just covered all the best features ClickBank has to offer to sell products as an affiliate and as a vendor. This video will summarize everything you've learned and how it all fits into the bigger picture.


Here's Just Some of the Powerful Ways You'll Benefit from Mastering ClickBank...

You'll get a full breakdown of the ClickBank affiliate link for both you and your affiliates and payment link structure to sell online

You'll learn the step-by-step procedure to get your product approved and added to the marketplace

You'll discover how to create sales funnels using ClickBank's in-built system with one-click upsells

You'll be able to create upsells, downsells, decline links and more to build a smooth funnel process

You'll learn how to integrate third party apps and software like autoresponders, Zoom and GoToWebinar to increase your back-end sales

You'll see how to add product variations, physical products and recurring billing products to your account to increase your profits

You'll find out how to integrate ClickBank payments to work directly with Zapier, autoresponders, WordPress, webinar software and more for seamless transactions

Plus so much more...


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